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Top investment locations in Germany according to CORPUS SIREO

These residential investment locations in Germany have potential according to CORPUS SIREO.

CORPUS SIREO is one of the biggest Asset Management Service Companies in Germany with asset under management of 50 Mrd. Euro and more.

As usual the Top7 in Germany and another locations with potential, mainly university towns are found on the list.

These are the Top 7 cities for real estate investments in Germany according to CORPUS SIREO:

  1. München
  2. Berlin
  3. Hamburg
  4. Frankfurt
  5. Köln
  6. Stuttgart
  7. Düsseldorf

On top, the real estate company Corpus Siero searches in this B-cities, mainly university towns for opportunities according to their investment acquisition profile.

  1. Nürnberg
  2. Ulm
  3. Karlsruhe
  4. Mannheim
  5. Mains
  6. Wiesbaden
  7. Bonn
  8. Essen
  9. Dortmund
  10. Münster

The full Acquisition Profile Residential Real Estate and Residential Portfolios of CORPUS SIREO can be foundhere: Acquisition Profile.



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