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Berlin Hotspots

Most asked question:
Where would you, Alexander as a local professional invest in real estate in Berlin?

If you spend money on property in a city in which you have no or limited location knowledge things can get tricky.

In general, you can determine a good location very easy by yourself, here are the location parameters to watch.
So here are my area recommendations for Berlin.

What is the best location in Berlin to invest in real estate?

My first investment choice is Berlin-Mitte

I love to invest, and I am invested in Mitte, south, and north of Torstrasse, zip-codes 10178, 10115, 10119, this is actually where I life since 20 years and it’s the super-hotspot since the wall came down and before the wall was built.

My second investment choice is Berlin-Tiergarten

The area southwest of Potsdamer Platz with the main street Potsdamer Strasse used to be the pulsating heart of the golden “roaring” twenties (1920), the days were Berlin used to be more attractive and liberal than any other city in the world.
This area was long forgotten by the local developers, but it always was between the Center West and the Center East and now after a long sleep gets since ca. 5 years the attention it deserves. Check the zip code 10785.
Disclaimer: My new residential development POT72 is in Potsdamer Strasse.

Locations you should know and consider investing

Berlin Mitte (East)

Anything inside (read: South of) Torstrasse is a class of its own.
This is the area around Hackescher Markt and the so-called Spandauer Vorstadt and the Scheunenviertel (around the area of Volksbuehne).

Rosenthaler Vorstadt and Oranienburger Vorstadt are still in the right part of Mitte (and in the east part of Berlin) but don’t belong to the area inside Torstrasse. Inside this areas, I would consider the area around Arkona Platz (still Mitte !) and the area around Strelitzer Strasse, as well as Bergstrasse, Gartenstrasse and Ackerstrasse (up until Linienstrasse as an excellent living area.

The area around Teuteborger Platz north of Torstrasse is considered Mitte but belongs to the Prenzlauer Berg and is as well super attractive and central.

Berlin Prenzlauer Berg (East)

Kollwitz Platz is a class of its own
Teuteborger Platz will soon become unaffordable, really cool (see above)
Helmholtz Platz
Anton Platz

Berlin Friedrichshain (East)

Simon-Dach Kiez, around Simon-Dach-Strasse
Boxhagener Platz
around Ostkreuz, clubbing and super good access to public transport
Rummelsburg Bucht, Townhouse paradise with water access
Island of Alt Stralau

Berlin Treptow (East)

the area around Alt-Treptow so-called Karl-Kunger-Kiez (name from Karl-Kunger-Street)

Berlin-Charlottenburg (West)

the area around Savigny Platz
the area around Amtsgerichts Kiez / Lietzensee / Friedbergstrasse
the area around Ku’damm / Kurfuerstendamm
Westend, as a very green and central family area

Berlin Wilmersdorf (West)

around Ludwigkirch-Platz
around Volkspark
Schmargendorf, more a single family style, central but very green
Grunewald, high-end living with free standing villas and turn-of-the-century dwellings

Berlin Schoeneberg (West)

around Winterfeld Platz, a class of its own (strong gay community)
around Akazienstrasse
Rote Insel (red island) gasometer
Potsdamer Strasse trendy/hip and very “berlinisch” Potsdamer Strasse so-called “Potze.”
02/2017 New York Times covered this street: https://nyti.ms/2k1Q8E7
around Gleisdreieck, same area as Potsdamer Strasse above

Berlin Neukoelln (West)

Neukoelln is, in general, a multi-cultural hotspot with young hipsters, artist, and students mixed with a lot of Spanish, French, and Italians and a lot of Turkish in all ages.

Around Richardplatz
around Reuterplatz
south of the canal (North Neukoelln)
east of the airfield (Schiller Kiez)
Rollberg Kiez

Berlin Wedding (West)

The wedding district is the old workers district wit a lot of migrants mainly Arabic and Turkish origin, but very in demand by young people as well, as it is central, very well accessible, some green areas and the canal, as well as a lot of charming old buildings.
As you can guess when students and artist are there, the restaurant and coffee scene followed accordingly, and you now have a lot of cool places to go.

Places to emphasize:
the Soldiner Kiez
around “Leo” Leopold Platz
Hollaendisches Viertel
Nordufer (north of the canal), so called Sprengelkiez
Belgisches Viertel
Afrikanisches Viertel

Berlin-Lichtenberg (East)

Victoria-Stadt typically named Kaskelkiez (Berlin, district of Lichtenberg, borough Rummelsburg), cozy Wilhelminian style neighborhood close to the water (Rummelsburger See / Bucht) and the new 400 Mio Euro train station Ostkreuz.


Weissenseeer Spitze, anything below Pistoriusstraße, between Prenzlauer Alle in the West and Berliner Alle in the East,