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rental prices in Berlin city center climbing to unexpected hights

Berlin-Mitte and especially every location below Torstrasse is gaining momentum while locals as well as international buyers demand drive rental prices to so far unexpected hights.

Especially big flats with miore than 3 rooms, as well as flats offering barrier-free features are in high demand. TLG Immobilien a big real estate investor (strong in East Germany) just finished an heritage building in Max-Beer-Str. 3. The 4 vacant flats were advertised for 4 days, 40 people showed up at open house and 30 people actually showed interest in renting.

Astonishing enough the flats had no balcony and no elevator, but are nicely restorated.
Nevertheless the formerly named 10 Euro frontier even for good located well equipped flats seem to vanish. In this case TLG asked and got 10 Euro per sqm cold rent.

A new builidng in Ackerstr. is rented for EUR 13 and the renter had to bring his own kitchen.
At Elisabethkirche asking price is EUR 15, and I am sure they will get it.