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Property selfusage: What do we have to take care about?

Property Question of the Week:

I work as an expat in X, my wife and I would like to buy somewhere in Charlottenburg, first to rent, then to live in when my contract is finished. What do we have to take care about?

With your paticular idea of selfusagge in a couple of month/years? you should be aware of german renter protection laws. Its hard to chancel a contract for the landlord as long as the renter pays the rent.

Selfusage is one reason why you can ask the renter to leave, but even then it can take up to one year till the apartment/house is free.

The best thing would be you buy an empty apartment and then you rent it out with a selfterminating contract or fully/partialy furnished (then you can terminated the contract with in 14 days).

If the apartment is all ready rented you have to take the renter including the contract. And in most cases this type of contract you don’t want as long as you wanna self use on the long run.

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