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Property Investing in Berlin, Germany – How-to / Basic Information

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If you want a quick overview as a property buyer this audiofile is right for you.

This is an interview I gave to Marie Langhout of nuwireinvestor.com in 2007. Its still more than up-to-date today (2010).

I am an advisor and broker for individuals, as well as for institutional investors.

I have a strong opinion and will never just sell to you, but advise you even after you bought. However I think its not worth coming to Berlin if you have less than 75.000 Euro in equity. I even think that as a foreigner (with no German language knowledge) you should only invest in a block (multi-family house) or a house (single/double family home) NOT in a condo, because of several reasons (you find a detailed “why you should not buy a condo/flat here.“). The main reason is that if you own the place 100% (together with the bank) you can choose the property administrator and you are the boss, you decide, not a mixed community of self-users, crazy non investors, and only German speaking, self-interested unprofessional property managers. Enjoy my interview and don’t hesitate to post questions. You can reach me trough my office at office@berlininvestment.com

Make sure to send an email before you call, because recognizing spelled email adresses is very hard for Germans, because some letters sound equal but are not.

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Alexander Korte