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New hotel development for familytourists

400.000 visitors of 3.4 mio berlin visitor are families (mom, dad and kid(s)) therefore the suplly with kidfriendly hotels in Berlin is not very good. A wellknown Berlin based Hotelprojectdevelopment company wip Willmeroth Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft mbH wants to change this. They just have aquired Berlins biggest existing indoor pool form Liegenschaftsfond Berlin, a real estate asset management company owned by the municipality.
The 35.000sqm site is located at Buschkrugallee in Berlin-Britz (a subdistrict of Neukoelln). The developemnt includes a 3 to 4star hotel and othe facilities like a outdoor steamroom area.

The idea behind the holiday park is to attract loacl families as well as visiting families (tourists).

Not the standard hotel pproject idea so, and the location formerly known as “Blub” is well kown by the Berliners.