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NY Times discovers hidden pearl in Berlin Real Estate Market

Its is astoundingly how fast and good especially foreign journalist, who seem to live in Berlin, discover new areas that are attractive and or undervalued.
Now NY Times journalist Nick Foster published one of my longtime favourites in the market.

Berlin-Tempelhof Fliegerviertel. Extremely well positioned in the center of Berlin left of the old airfield of Hitlers Berlin airport Tempelhof. The old airport area is now turned into a park and will become Berlin’s hottest conversion space, yet not decided what will really happen there.

The market in the described area Fliegerviertel is extremely tide and new offers are rare. The best would be to put a postcard or letter into the letter boxes of the neighborhood and start a conversation with locals.

August 09, 2013 NY Times
Berlin Neighborhood Thrives at Edge of Old Airport

other post by Nick Foster about Berlin’s property market:

April 14, 2012 Financial Times
Overseas buyers are contributing to property construction and price hikes in Berlin

June 10, 2006 The Telegraph
‘I like Germany and I like the Germans’ – Telegraph

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