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Low cost of living and tons of (cheap) academics?

Talking to entrepreneurs in cities like Munich, Stuttgart or Mannheim, its always the same picture. Because of very low unemployment rate in the south of Germany its hard to find qualified people. If they find people they have to pay much higher wages because of higher costs of living in the rich cities of the south. Alone 30% up to 50% of household income is due for the monthly rent and side costs. Now look at Berlin, scary high unemployment rate, even among academics. Because of the magnetic power of the city thousands of young academics rather choose to be “poor but sexy” (as the major of Berlin use to say) instead of staying well payed in an unchallenging (in the meaning of creativity) inviroment. On top Berlin rents are way smaller than Munich or Frankfurt or Hamburg rents. My conclusion or rather question: When do national and international decision makers get the point that they can get professional much easier in Berlin on a lower wage than anywhere else in Germany (and even anywhere else in Europe?) Just pay your people with the Berlin Bonus.