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Berlin Hotel Developments: Torstrasse in Mitte sold out

Torstrasse in Berlin Mitte is what urban land planner call a “magistrale” a big trafficed street in this case 2 lanes each direction. While the real estate market in Mitte matured Torstrasse stayed unfinished until this year. Mostly all empty plots got sold.

The last undeveloped plot Torstr. 136 will host a new budget hotel starting constructions this year. This will “finish” Rosenthaler Platz and form one of the main crossings in Berlin Mitte into the main hub for hotel and budget living in central Berlin.

    all seasons Hotel Berlin Mitte of arccor group @Brunnenstr. 1-2 / Weinmeister.
    famous Circus Hostel @Weinbergsweg 1a / Torstreet
    Circus Hotel @Rosenthaler Str. 1 / Torstreet
    Easyhotel Berlin Mitte @Rosenthaler Str. 69 / Linienstr.
    another new bugdget hotel (to be named) @Torstr. 136

Torstr. 67 with permission for residential or commercial usage went t o auction a couple of years ago, and did not find a buyer for te price asked. It finally got sold a couple of weeks ago. Yet no info on the usage.

Nevertheless there are still residential/condo developments and rehabs to be found on Torstreet:

Cross the street at the corner Rosa-Luxemburgstr / Torstr. (adress: Linienstr. 40) one of the most progessiv locations are finished with on of the most design orientated concepts (L-40.de) actually a residential condo for art lovers and art collectors who want to live with their art.

Another residential condo will be put on Torstr. 165 which got sold this year by an Berlin based real estate company.

A residential rehab project called “Tor Quartier” between Torstr.79/83 and Zehdeniker 28 will be finished soon. While this is a heritage building (A-listed) this project is interesting for buyers paying (high) tax in Germany.

No matter if you want to buy a rehab or a development. Give us a call, we just don’t have the time to present all our properties and knowledge on this blog.

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