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Baugruppe, another way to a new home in Berlin

There are several ways to buy a new home in Berlin.

  1. used flat
  2. new flat from a developer
  3. new flat as a cooperative (Baugruppe)

1. buy a used flat or house, most often via Immobilienscout24.de .

2. buy from a developer either an old rehabed building or a new buildt building. This offers are typically find in Immobilienscout24 as well but there is a special site called: neubau-kompass.de.
risk / maintenance goes down, price is higher than a used flat.
There are fakes on the market, they play developer but they only do a paint job.
As you will have a5 years warranty on the everything the developer build or replaced its important to know what he will deliver.
This you find in the “Baubeschreibung” (a description of the quality of construction).

3. A way most people don’t know about, are “Baugruppen” which directly translated means “Building Groups” in southern areas often referred to as cooperatives. The main idea: The “buyer” become part of a company, that actually cuts out the developers. With all the risk and benefits. Often those groups are initiated by architects (some more professional other because they want to buildt their own home). In fact the projects are often well planed, it takes more energy so, because the groups have to discuss their way, but in the end the product is often better or cheaper or both. Some of them have a social or green aspect often both. There are weekly meetings to get in contact with those groups, check the links below.

Information on Baugruppen / Building Cooperatives in Berlin

Baugruppen Architects for cooperative building projects

For a Google search use this terms:

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