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Article about Berlin Nord Neukoelln

Since a long time Nord Neukoelln is on our Berlin Real Estate Area Analysis Map.

Now the wellknown and popular Berlin based Magazin Tip Magazin has published an articel about Nord Neukoelln.

Read the English translation of this articel North Neukölln: avant-garde playground, auto-translated by Google here.

Some quotes from the article:

“Every few days, opened a bar, a studio or an art room, where previously only mattress discounters, Turkish mobile phone maker and resided shops. In the northern part of Neukölln exciting and courageous culture emerges beyond cocktail lounge, and White Cube Gallery.”

The author of the article Jacek Slaski thinks what happens today in North Neukölln, has similarities to New York’s Lower East Side 30 years ago. In the 1970s and 1980s people moved into the rundown neighborhoods of Lower East Side in the southeast of Manhattan, because the Greenwich Village was too expensive and because of the network of creative people combined with empty and inexpensive space which transfoormed into an incubator platform for new ideas.

I want to point out a note in the text mentioned by Igmar Beyer:

“One is still here in the city center, which must not be forgotten”

I think this is absolutely true, especially with the new tendence towards the South East with the new developments arround the river Spree between Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg and the new airport in the South-East.

Read the whole articel in the print version.
TIP 06/2010 page 28 to page 35.

Note: After my company and I got nicely mentioned as “Gentrification in Action” in a blogpost (see trackbacks below), the publisher asked us not to use his article on our page, therefore we quote the highlights from our perspetive and give you a link to the article auto-translated by Google.

We actually try to get a document from the publisher to be translated, obviously to buy a German print version does not really make sence to you?

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