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Airports in Berlin

Berlin used to have  3 airports, but is now following another strategy. The idea is to bundle all in- and out-bound flights in one location. Therefore the little but super central Inner-City Airport Tempelhof was closed down in 2008. This year (2-3-June of 2012) the second airport which is still really close to the center is Berlin-Tegel will be closed down as well. The third airport is the old GDR airport location, which will be closed as well because the new airport is built just next to the old one (still in use).

English: Map of airports in Berlin, Germany

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From a transportation point of view its a pitty that they have closed the two airports. From a real estate point of view its at least interesting. After all two huge areas will be available for developments in the near future, both well located. As well as the opportunities at the new central airport Schoenfeld in the south-east of the city.

I am not a commercial developer (just residential) but I’d love to built a “Automotive Center” close to the gate(s). A real playground for all things car in the car lover and car manufactur land Germany.

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