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Investing in a property in Berlin (Germany) is one of the most promising real estate investments in Europe today. Berlin is significantly less expensive than other European mega cities such as London, Paris or Rome.

A investment property in Berlin is unique:

Berlin is the next big investment opportunity in Europe. Investors from Russia, China and the US love the city. The prospects are great and we want to help you find the right investment property in Berlin.

We specialize in real estate in two areas of Berlin: Berlin Mitte and Prenslauer Berg. Unlike other areas, these two are not effected by fluctuation in the markets. They are the prime “hot-spot” where the in-crowd mixes with politicians and intellectuals.

Open any guide book and you will understand why it is desirable to live here.

Flats in Berlin start at EURO 50.000 for a one-bedroom. Typical returns if rented full time are 7%, if used as vacation rentals, as much as 15%.

Download the free Berlin market report to understand better why Berlin is so attractive for investors.